The Key to a Bad Night

It begins with a hard-working mom doing two jobs. One job is during the day and one takes her well into the late evening. Late one night she decides to give herself a well-deserved reward at a local 24-hour convenience store.

As she comes out of the store with her drink and snack, she finds somebody crawling into the driver’s seat of her car. She screams and throws her just-purchased goods in the air and chases the culprit, grabbing him by the shirt through the driver’s window. He proceeds to elbow her in the face, knocking her to the ground. He then speeds off in her car.

The store clerk sees all this transpire and calls the police. They are nearby and begin chasing the car through several towns. Ultimately a spike strip is set up, which the criminal car thief drives over. He doesn’t stop right away, though. He drives it on the rims, goes off the road, and rolls the car over. After a short foot chase the felon (he had been released from prison earlier that day) is apprehended. The car was totaled.

Is the ordeal almost over for the car owner? No, but thanks for asking…

Her injuries were just scrapes and bruises. So those would heal quickly. And insurance should cover the car, right? Not so fast. How did the carjacker drive away so quickly? The owner had left the car running in her haste to get home. As soon as the insurance company found out that she had left the keys in the car, they told her she wasn’t covered.

The key to the bad night was leaving the keys in the ignition. Maybe a lesson to be learned, but no happy ending here. Because after all, everybody’s got issues…

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