Onix Rodriguez-Adorno might have issues.

A NewsBreak (newsbreak.com) article reported on January 17th that Mr. Onix Rodriguez-Adorno picked an inopportune location to relive himself on the night of January 8th. That being the parking lot of the Vernon (CT) Police Department.

An officer who happened to be in the process of trying to leave the parking area noticed a vehicle with a defective license plate entering the lot. NewsBreak Contributor, M Sarah, goes on to report that 24-year-old Rodriguez-Adorno was then observed by the officer to be exiting the vehicle in a hurried fashion.

The officer approached Rodriguez-Adorno, who indicated that he’d planned to urinate, and did not know that it was the police department parking lot.

Upon further investigation, the police determined that the vehicle Rodriguez-Adorno was driving had been stolen from an East Windsor, CT dealership in 2022.

Rodriguez-Adorno was arrested and charged with larceny of a motor vehicle, misuse of a registration plate, operating an unregistered vehicle, and driving without appropriate insurance.

Having since posted bond, Rodriguez-Adorno is scheduled to make an appearance in Rockville Superior Court on January 30.

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