This is our About Us page. We’re not sure why we have an About Us page, when this website is really about you… and everybody.

The website and organization was started by a small gathering of people who would meet up with each other from time to time. They spoke of their issues openly and often, and were better off for it. As a group they realized that kind of sharing was representative of what this site needed to stand for.

We hope that bringing issues to light will provide comfort or empathy to those who read about them. And most importantly, since we are all in this life together, that we might even be able to see a little humor in our collective situations. After all, we need to have fun along the way.

We hope to be able to add posts on a continual and ongoing basis with shared stories and issues. To that end, our Products page has offerings designed to spark conversations with anyone you might encounter. Proceeds (they are presently only available for purchase only within the U.S.) will allow us to build the site…and grow the “Everybody’s Got Issues” movement.

Thanks for visiting EGI ( Email issues to We will not reveal identifications or addresses and will only publish issues we deem appropriate, meaningful, relatable, or engaging.

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